Spoke too Soon?

So maybe I spoke a little too soon. I’m not sure if it’s because of Firefox 3, or some new updates that have been made to Google Maps, but Google Maps has pretty much refused to work on my computer ever since installing Firefox 3. It will work from IE, but in Firefox, it just sits there and tells me “Loading…”

Update: I tried uninstalling Firefox 3 and reinstalling it. That didn’t seem to do anything. So I tried going back to Firefox 2 (in this case the latest version of 2, which is Google Maps works again. So I’m highly inclined to believe that it’s a Firefox 3 thing. If I give Mozilla the benefit of the doubt, maybe it’s because they’ve got enhanced CSS and JavaScript rendering that Google Maps doesn’t really conform to. In that case, it’s really Google’s fault. But regardless, Google Maps doesn’t work in FIrefox 3 on my machine, so I’ll be reverting back to Firefox 2 until it’s fixed.

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