Dell Insprion Mini 9

Dell introduced the Inspiron Mini 9 to the world a few days ago. It’s a tiny 8.9″ screen, 2.3 lbs, Atom powered “netbook.”  It’s target audience is people looking for a second laptop to do e-mail and web surfing. The specs aren’t beefy, but the thing is pretty compact and portable. I think I want one.

To me the interesting thing is that they’re selling the one with Windows for $50 more than the one that has Linux ($399 vs $349), but if you customize them, whether they have Linux or Windows becomes irrelevant, as they’ll both cost $424. So in essense, you could get Windows for free:

I also find it interesting that the models denoted above aren’t Mini 9, they’re Inspiron 910 and 910u (presumably for Ubuntu Linux).

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