Family Photos

I’ve had a number of people (family members) ask about pictures from the reunion a couple weeks ago. I haven’t had time to process all of them (you might remember that I shot them all in RAW). And because I’ve been so busy with work, it might be a while. But here’s a preview of the two group shots we took. Admittedly, it’s not my best work. The conditions were kind of harsh, and it started to rain as we were assembling.

I was scrambling to set up my camera, focus it, make sure everyone was in the picture, set the timer, run to grab a spot, and wait for the flash. People had to leave, and it was starting to rain, so we couldn’t really delay taking the pictures. I only got two shots off before it really began to rain, and this was the result.

They could have been a lot better. But this will have to do as it’s all I’ve got. If I had to do it over, I would have waited until it wasn’t raining to get a better shot. And I would have made sure that people filled in the edges more.  We’ve got this really tightly bunched pyramid thing going on, and clearly some people were obscured. It’s also obvious that some people didn’t have the concentration to stare at the camera for 10 seconds. Next time, it would be ideal to have a remote or something to trigger it when I wanted it triggered.

I guess the one thing I can say for my family is that it’s quite diverse. Lots of people from lots of different cultures and backgrounds.

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