Arrival of the Wind

My MSI WInd came in today.  I can’t believe it came here so fast.  I ordered it Tuesday night (meaning they didn’t receive or process until Wednesday morning), I got a confirmation Wednesday, and it was dropped off on my doorstep by Fedex this afternoon.
I took a bunch of pictures, so I’ll have to post those soon. But this thing is amazingly tiny.  I can’t believe it.  The one annoyance I have thus far is the keyboard.  The period (.) and the forward slash (/) keys are shrunken down.  They keys in general aren’t very big, but these two in particular are extra small.  That makes it pretty difficult when typing in web addresses.  I never realized how important those keys were.  What they should have done is made the Shift key smaller and slid it over to the right a bit.  Oh well.

In the end, we’re only talking about a computer that I paid $310 for, so in some respects, it’s almost a disposable computer.  Come 18 months, or even a year, and I won’t feel too bad about buying a new one.

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