Wedding Day

Well, the day is finally here. In about 7 hours, I’ll be marrying the woman I love.  I can’t believe we’ve made it this far.  The last 6 months have been quite the whirlwind.  But I’m glad it’s almost over.

To those of you who will be there, we’ll see you in a few hours.  To everyone else, you will be missed.

Weary Weather Watcher

I’m still keeping an eye on the weather.  Right now, it says 10% chance of rain.  I’m hoping it becomes a non-issue by the day of.  But we’ll see.  The weather guy must have his wires a bit crossed because this morning, it said “Shower” with a 50% chance of rain.  I wish I took a screenshot, but I was dismayed and forgot.  We’ll see what happens.


The Ants (and Aunts) Come Marching

People are beginning to arrive for our wedding. Jay arrived tonight from Tucson. Josh will be on a plane tomorrow morning from Chicago to SFO (he’ll be hanging out with some friends and family until the rehearsal on Friday evening). Kirk will leave SLO about 10:00 tomorrow morning. My parents are leaving Bakersfield around 1:00pm tomorrow. Andy should be coming into town on Friday afternoon from SLO. My Uncle Danny Auntie Katie, cousin Tiffany, and Auntie Lonnie should be here Friday afternoon/evening from LA (though they drove to LA from Tucson last week), and my cousin Kevin and his wife Amber will be flying in Friday around 3:00pm from Tucson as well.

And so it begins…

I’ve no idea when the rest of the guests will arrive, but I figure they’ve all got it handled.

Getting excited…

Weather not cooperating…

Supposedly, we’re in the midst of a fairly large Pacific Winter storm out here. This weekend, there were all kinds of weather alerts and warnings of inches and inches of rain.  They predicted something like 1-3 inches in the Bay Area, with 3-5 inches in the mountains.  I’m not sure what the hullabaloo was all about because Sunday only recieved about .22″ of rain and Saturday was even less with .08″.  (Praise God it hardly rained on Saturday as I was busy moving my stuff from Mountain View to San Jose, and it would have been the pits if I had to move in the pouring rain that they were predicting.)

In any case, the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to cooperate for the wedding as the 10 day forecast indicates it’ll be raining on Saturday:

In fact, right now, it looks like it’ll rain Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Aww…boo…

Oh well.  God will be glorified in the wedding regardless of the weather.  Rain or shine, He’s still divine.

Hilarity on the Worship Team

On Tuesday Mel, one of the worship leaders in Real World, sent out an e-mail to everyone on the worship team asking if we’d be able to meet on March 5. Of course, Charlene and I will be completely and utterly incommunicado at that time. I wrote back to her and copied everyone else on my response. The following abridged version of the  “e-mail conversation” ensued:

Me: Alas, I’ll be off in the Bahamas sipping tropical drinks (non-alcoholic of course) with the woman I love that day.
Mike: LOL.  Sorry, but the “the woman I love that day” line could easily be misread… ;^)
Me to Mike: Hmm…good point…that’s what I get for using a split infinitive. Perhaps I should’ve re-wrote it: “That day, I’ll be off in the Bahamas…”
Me to Everyone: Mike has graciously pointed out to me that “the woman I love that day” is a line which could be malicously misconstrued 🙂 In which case I’ve been compelled to re-word the statement thusly: Alas, that day I’ll be off in the Bahamas sipping tropical drinks (non-alcoholic of course) with the woman I love.
I guess that’s what I get for splitting my infinitives…
Joe: How about: “Alas, I’ll be off in the Bahamas sipping tropical drinks (non-alcoholic of course) with the woman I love that day, and every day after that, until the day I die, after which I’ll see her in heaven, and love her even more, but we won’t be “married” there, so the dynamic will be a little different, but I’ll still love her day after day for eternity.”
Susan: Oh dear…that makes it so complicated…though it’s theologically sound. 😉
Joe: Or maybe: “Alas, I love Charlene.”
Greg: And you don’t forget a rapture clause, “until the day I die or we are both raptured” 🙂
Mel: All I can say is as her SNAP.. I approve 🙂

I thought that “conversation” was pretty hilarious. I told Charlene about it, and we were both rolling. Hope you enjoy that tidbit in the midst of your day.

Enjoying the Sun

On the other hand…

I’m not worried at all about the weather in the Bahamas during our honeymoon. It looks to be a nice balmy mid-70s climate for the next week or so.


I’m pretty confident that it’ll stay that way.  And even if it rains, I’m sure it will be one of those nice, warm, tropical rains that always happen in Hawaii (that’s the only reference point I have for tropical climates, I’ve never been to any other tropical climate).

Hoping for the Sun

I don’t know about the part of the country you live in, but it feels like it’s been raining here in the Bay Area for a whole month.  The reality is that it’s been raining at least a little bit since February 5.  From Friday until today, it’s rained a whopping 5.27 inches.  At least based on the weather station in my neighborhood (here and here).  Nearly half of that fell on Sunday.  So it’s with great relief that we’re finally experiencing some sunshine today.

Charlene and I are watching the weather with a bit of trepidation:

Since we can only get a 10 day forecast, next Saturday hasn’t come up yet.  But I’m quite hopeful that it will be a sunny day in the mid-fifties. We’ll see what God provides. In either case, I’m really glad we’re not having an outdoor wedding. What a nightmare that would be in the midst of a Bay Area winter.  Brrr…