Career No. 2

BusinessWeek had a great article a few weeks ago about people, generally in late in their careers, making a pretty radical career shift.

I love how Hall Kirkham found himself serving the Lord after years as a consultant. It sounds like they’re primarily living off his wife’s income, but they’re making it work.

My favorite vignette in the article is about Scott Kariya. After retirement,

…he quickly became bored. So last year he hooked up with ReServe, a nonprofit in New York that helps place retired professionals with community organizations. He works three days a week for about $30,000 a year. The rest of his time is spent volunteering at the local Red Cross, visiting family in Washington, D.C., managing his portfolio, and doing whatever he wants. An added benefit of his new life: “If I were still an IT recruiter, I would be dead in this recession,” he says.

Oh, to work three days a week, and “do whatever I want.”  I can’t wait.

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