Christianity at In-N-Out

I have long suspected that In-N-Out had ties to Christianity. I was just never sure exactly how. Recognizing that they’re not a public company I had been told they were owned by Christians, but never had really good evidence.

Here’s my proof: In-N-Out Burger: Professionalizing Fast Food, an article in BusinessWeek.

(I’ll be frank in saying that the video that accompanys the article on that webpage isn’t the best video I’ve ever seen.  Nick Leiber, the Small Business Editor who conducts the interview, has some serious blinking going on, and he stumbles through a number of the questions. It’s nothing personal, he’s just not very compelling on screen. Stacy Perman, the author of the article comes off as very matter-of-fact, but again, she lacks warmth and friendliness needed to be on camera.)

Video aside, the article unequivocally states that Rich Snyder, former In-N-Out Burger President (and son of founders Harry and Esther Snyder), is in fact a Christian:

There was another difference between father and son: Rich was a born-again Christian. In the 1980s he began printing biblical references on cups and burger wrappers, and then he went further, commissioning a Christmastime radio commercial that asked listeners to let Jesus into their lives, alongside In-N-Out’s jingle. Many stations refused to run the ads, and Californians showered the company with complaints. Rich essentially shrugged off the reaction. The Bible chapter-and-verse references remain to this day, and radio ads commingled with evangelism still crop up. (Emphasis mine.)

Unfortunately, Mr. Snyder died in 1993 in a plane crash. Hopefully, his legacy will live on in his niece (and granddaughter of  Harry and Esther Snyder), Lynsi Martinez (née Snyder). It sounds like there has been a bit of controversy and legal proceedings since the death of Mr. Snyder, so hopefully, that doesn’t overshadow his legacy and the influence he had on the culture.

Well, there you have it folks, yet another reason to love In-N-Out besides the top-notch quality. We’ve got yet another example of someone who was willing to stand for their faith in the face of adversity.

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