Inspiron Mini 10

Last week, Dell introduced the Inspiron Mini 10, the slightly bigger brother of the Inspiron Mini 9, which I wrote about 7 months ago.

This new version comes in at a base price of $399 (which is where the Mini 9 topped out). The “10” in Mini 10 denotes a 10″ screen size, which is a fairly modest increase. But unlike the Mini 9, which was saddled with a paltry 8GB SSD, the Mini 10 has a spacious 160GB HDD.  And it’s only slightly heavier at 2.86 lbs vs. 2.3 lbs for the Mini 9. That’s only about 8oz difference in weight. Nearly inconsequential at this size.

I won’t be getting one as I’m quite satisfied with my MSI Wind. But if you’re in the market, it certainly is getting crowded, which is only good for consumers. More choices = more supply.  More supply with no change in demand = lower prices and/or better features. There’s your economics lesson for the day.

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