Miss California at The Rock church

In a previous post, I wrote about Miss California, Carrie Prejean, and how she stood firm in her beliefs and likely cost herself the title and crown of Miss USA.

On Sunday, Miss Prejean was back at her home church at The Rock in San Diego sharing the stage with Senior Pastor Miles McPherson.  They streamed the service live on their website. (Sorry if you missed it. I’m hopeful they’ll post it to their Messages page in the next couple of weeks.)

It was great to hear more of Miss Prejean’s story. It was especially interesting to hear about all of the behind-the-scenes back story of the past week. I love the fact that even after giving her answer at the contest, it’s still her “final answer.” Many a talk host has asked her if she’d take it back.  Matt Lauer of the Today Show asked if she had a “do over” would she word her answer differently, and she said “No.” She told him “It’s not about being politically correct.  It’s about being biblically correct.” Way to go!

Apparently, she and Pastor Miles were in New York at the same time and being something of a celebrity himself, he was able to coach her through the experience. He joked around that he has essentially become all things to her: a bodyguard, manager, publicist, secretary, pastor, father-figure, etc. Praise God how He so sovereignly and divinely arranged for those two to be in the same place at the same time.

I was a bit nervous watching the broadcast when I saw the “talk show host” setup with two chairs and a table in the middle.  I figured I was gonna end up watching a “show” no different from Oprah or the Today Show.  There was a bit of Q&A interviewing and testimony about her story.  But Pastor Miles did a great job of showing her story in light of the Bible.

He drew out the point that Miss Prejean’s story is very akin to the story of Esther:

  • Esther was a contestant in a beauty pageant.
  • She won and became queen.
  • She came to a crossroads where she had to choose whether to do the right thing and risk losing her life, or the wrong thing and risk the lives of her people.
  • She chose the right thing; God blessed her for it, and her people were spared.

Quite an interesting analogy that I hadn’t even considered until he brought it up. Pastor Miles brought up 5 points that we need to consider when faced with such situations.

We need to:

  1. Stare down courage.
  2. Trust in the truth, not the lie.
  3. Accept God’s Sovereign provision.
  4. Never fear man over God.
  5. Die to self.

Thank you Pastor Miles for not allowing your church to become the stage for a new era of “talk show-based sermons.”  And thank you Miss Prejean for standing by your beliefs, for honoring your God, and for being an example to us all. May God bless you in your future endeavors as you seek to use your God-given fame for Him and His Kingdom.

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