Asians in the Board Room

Apparently, my Asian brethren and I are under represented in the Board Rooms of Silicon Valley. Not sure what can be done about it, but I certainly intend to be a part of the force that changes it.

I would have to agree with their assertion regarding “the failure of Asian executives to mentor talented younger colleagues.”  First of all, I’ve had few bosses who were actually Asian.  When I was at Accenture, I knew one Senior Executive and one Senior Manager who were each Korean. The Senior Manager was a good mentor and teacher (I believe he was recognized a few times for his ability to mentor others, especially analysts like myself), but I don’t believe he ever made a specific effort to reach out to the other Asians on the team. 

I guess we’ll see.  I’ve got mentors at my current job, but none of them are Asian, and regardless, there are few Asians at my company.

If we, as Asians are to break through that “glass ceiling” we’re definitely going to need mentors and training in this area. It certainly isn’t for lack of talent or brains that we’re missing out.

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