Michael Arrington: I Quit The iPhone

This can’t be good news for Apple. Michael Arrington, one of the most powerful men on the web according to Forbes, is giving up his iPhone. He was an avid fan of the iPhone when it first came out, but apparently, the debacle over Google Voice was the last straw.

In the article, Arrington declares that he’ll be moving to an Android-based phone for the time being, and when Google offers Google Voice on the Palm Pre, he’ll move to that.

I’ll bet a certain CEO in Cupertino is about to blow a gasket.

2 thoughts on “Michael Arrington: I Quit The iPhone

  1. Hey B, what was the debacle over Google Voice exactly? I have no idea what Google Voice even is, let alone what went south for Arrington about the iPhone. Thx

  2. Kev, you gotta read the links 🙂 Basically, Apple rejected the Google Voice application from the App Store. Then they proceeded to remove all related applications. Michal Arrington and a whole host of others aren’t happy about it.

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