EOS-1D Mark IV

Yesterday, I posted about the new release of the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV. It’s a pretty nifty, new, pro-grade Canon camera. It was announced on 10/22, and won’t be available until December. As I mentioned yesterday, this one does 16.1 megapixels at 10 fps, and shoots full 1080p video.

As was the case with the 5D Mark II, Vincent LaForet got a sneak preview of the camera, and was able to make an updated video, Nocturne, in the style of the original, Reverie. Unfortunately, the video has been taken down at Canon’s request. Hopefully it will be back up again soon. LaForet describes the camera’s night functionality thusly: “pointing my light into an area in complete shadow (my eye saw nothing but black) but on the rear of the LCD I saw sharp, green leaves as crystal clear as if it were shot in daylight…The short film you are about to watch was shot in pretty much the very worst light that I could possibly find in an evening urban landscape.  I did not chose “pretty lighting” in a mall or under neon signs.” Looks exciting.

Most likely, I’ll never be able to afford one (in case you didn’t notice, this sucker is $5,000), especially if Charlene and I ever hope to be home owners. But it’s cool to see Canon continuing to build great products.

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  1. Hey B,

    I wouldn’t mind having one of those cameras either! Ha! At any rate, I was wondering if you have done any homework on the new Droid cell phone from Verizon. It’s made by Motarola and was wondering if you’ll be doing any posts on it and whether or not this is something you are looking into. I also noticed the coming of the Blackberry Storm 2. You think it’s pretty much just as bad as the first series?

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