I got a Motorola Droid on Black Friday (Thanks Charlene!). This phone is so much better than the Blackberry Tour or Storm, it’s ridiculous.  I don’t have time to post my first impressions tonight as I did with the Blackberries, but if you’re looking for reviews, BGR (formerly Boy Genius Report) has a great Droid Review. And Mobile Crunch has a great Part 1, Part 2 series on the Droid vs. iPhone.

So hopefully those tide you over until I get to post my thoughts.

Po Po’s Obituary

My Auntie Katie ran my Po Po’s obituary in the Arizona Daily Star today. Here’s a screenshot for posterity (click to view full size):

popo_obituaryI had no idea they had been married for 63 years. I knew it was longer than 50 because I remember hearing about that a number of years ago, but I had no idea it had been 13 years since then. What a testimony to faithfulness, and an amazing example for all of their descendants!  Thank you Gung Gung and Po Po for this example, and for crossing the finish line with the ability to say, “I did.”

See you soon…

Po Po, Gung Gung, Brian, CharleneI called my mom this around 7:30 this morning. She said Po Po died sometime between 5 and 6am.

This wasn’t a huge surprise, but it was sobering. She handed the phone to Gung Gung, and while not happy and enthusiastic, he still sounded resolute. There was a calm, a peace, a strength in his voice.

The one thing Gung Gung said that struck me was that it was Po Po who brought Christ and salvation into this family. Shame on me for forgetting that. But what a legacy she leaves behind!  Both her kids, and all 5 of her grand children are Christians today, largely in part because of her example and decision to follow Christ.  And that is precisely what gives all of us Hope for the future.

You may have noticed that I categorized this post under “Celebrations.” Please don’t misunderstand that categorization. I didn’t do that out of morbidity, but out of an Eternal Perspective in the grandest sense of the phrase. My grandmother has gone home to see her Father in Heaven. She no longer faces pain in her legs and back. She is no longer confined to a wheel chair. I’m sure she’s dancing in a way she hasn’t danced in years. She no longer faces the trials of living with an aging brain, knowing it’s failing but unable to do anything about it. And she no longer lives in a body wracked by the ravages of a sinful world. She is home!

And the hope for a future that my family and I have is that we will one day see her again. When that happens is all in God’s timing. It could be today; it could be tomorrow; for some, it might be 50 years or more in the future. But we will see her again. What a comfort! What a joy! What a peace!

Dear Po Po,

I am so excited for you. I can only imagine what you’re experiencing right now. The joy of seeing God face-to-face in a way that Moses could only dream of here on Earth. To experience Him and worship Him for all eternity is indeed a wonderful gift and blessing. We’ll miss you here on Earth, but I know we’ll see you soon.