Lightroom Flags

I’m currently reading through Scott Kelby’s book, The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers. It’s a fantastic book and classic Scott Kelby. In Chapter 2, Scott makes the case for using flags over ratings or colors to sort photos.

On his blog, Matt Kloskowski, agrees and elaborates. He gives us 3 (and a half) Reasons to Use Flags Instead of Ratings in Lightroom. It was enough to convince me.

If you’re a Lightroom user, check it out, and see if you’re convinced.

Lightroom Photo Count

I’m just beginning my foray into using Lightroom as a part of my photography workflow.  One nagging issue came to a head this afternoon, as I was trying to sort through some photos.

For some reason, the count of photos in the toolbar wasn’t counting all my photos.

I couldn’t figure out where the three missing photos had gone.

Fortunately, a search on the Adobe Forums turned up this article. And then I realized that because I had some photos stacked, they weren’t available to be selected. Unstacking them then allowed me to select all 144 photos:


So there you go! If for some reason, Lightroom won’t let you select all your photos, check to make sure they’re not stacked.

Why a Soulmate isn’t Good Enough

I ran across this article on Boundless and thought it was quite interesting.

It explores the idea of not needing a ceremony to be married as long as there’s a “spiritual covenant” between the two parties, and ultimately argues that a ceremony in one form or another is ultimately a requirement.  “It doesn’t so much matter whether one spends $40,000 or $400 on the ceremony. What matters is the couple publicly consents to be married to each other. [emphasis mine]”

I thought this was interesting, particularly for couples who co-habitate and use this logic as a rationalization.  I hadn’t thought about using that logic before, but I can definitely see how couples would draw that conclusion.

What do you think?

I don’t post enough

As with many personal bloggers, I struggle to post on a regular basis.

I’m not making any promises, but I’m gonna try to post more often. There’s so much going on, I think a lot of it deserves some attention.  I was looking back over my posting history, and realize that I used to post some really interesting (to me at least) stuff on a fairly regular basis.  My goal is to get back to that.

A quick glance on the right side with my Archives shows that I was able to do at least one post every month from February 2008-May  2010. What happened in May? Not really sure, but I did start work at DayNine in April 2010, and that may have led to a higher level of busy-ness, which in turn led to a lower level of posting.

In any case, we’ll see what happens. But here goes nothing…