Build your network

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post on the necessity of being on LinkedIn if you’re looking for a job (or if you ever intend to do so in the future).

One other thing I’d recommend, particularly if you’re a new grad is to begin working on your network now.

Mark and Mike from Manager Tools have a podcast on this as well:
Building a Network

The huge takeaway I got from that podcast was the necessity of keeping in touch with folks every few months.  Mike and Mark recommend a strategy they’ve affectionately named “Ctrl+Shift+K”.  (Listen to the podcast if you’re confused.)

Frankly, I don’t follow their guidance to a “T” in this area.  I use Google Calendar, and put in weeklong reminders to myself:

I pretty much have a different set of people to call each week.  As you can see, next month I’ll be calling Christopher, Malcolm, and Rob.  I also put their phone numbers in the appointment so they’re handy.  These “meetings” are set to recur on my calendar every 3 months.

Now it’s your turn.  Go build your network!

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