Welcome Joshua David Wong!

I haven’t posted anything on this blog since my Dad died, mostly because I didn’t feel like there was anything worthy of being posted…until now.

It’s been a long, hard 29 hours of labor.  Charlene and I are pleased to announce the birth of Joshua David Wong.

He was born January 28 at 7:27am; 5 pounds 5.5 ounces; 18.5 inches long; 33cm head circumference.

Joshua and mom are both very tired, but are doing well.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers!

Brian, Charlene, and Joshua

Happy Birthday, Po Po!

Were she still alive, today would have been my Po Po’s birthday. She would have been 87. Amazing!

In any case, I figure she now has a date even more important than her birthday: the day she entered into God’s presence. As I noted earlier in the blog, she died on Nov. 1, and found herself instantly in God’s presence.

Po Po, we miss you here on Earth, but we still look forward to the day when we’ll see you again.

Relaxing birthday

Yesterday was my birthday, but I purposefully kept things low-key. I don’t have the time or energy to to do much for my birthday with all this wedding planning going on. (As an aside, we now have less than one month until the wedding, and time is ticking fast.) I think we’re going to postpone my birthday celebration until the summer when we’ll have time to actually sit down and plan something.

At any rate, Charlene was kind enough to make dinner for me, and it was delicious. We had ribeye steak, mashed potatoes, mushroom risoto, vegetables, and garlic bread. A definite night of carbo loading. Mmm…I can’t wait to eat my leftovers for lunch today. Thank you Charlene!

100 years!!!

Last night Charlene and I were in Oakland for the celebration of Mrs. Lula Baird. We were there to celebrate her 100th birthday.  That’s crazy!  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who was 100 years old.  The quite amazing thing is that she’s completely lucid.  No dementia, no terminal illness, nothing. She is in a wheel chair, but that’s about it.  It’s quite amazing!

She’s had an amazing life serving the Lord, and she had a special impact on Charlene’s live in particular. I praise God for people like Mrs. Baird.