I went to Costco today and bought over eighty pounds of meat for a friend’s wedding.  About 56 lbs of tri-tip, and 26 lbs of chicken.  Sorry, there’s no pictures of the chicken, but they would have been boring anyways.

56 pounds of tri-tip is by far the most tri-tip I’ve ever bought.  I look forward to breaking that personal record one day.  Here’s what 56 lbs of tri-tip looks like:

Four 15 pound-ish cryovac bags with tri-tip inside…mmm

This is what they call a "case" it doesn't look as big as I'd imagine it, but they're 60-80 lbs of tri-tip

Four 15 pound-ish cryovac bags with tri-tip inside...mmm

Dave’s Bagels

I was rummaging through some old e-mails when I came across this picture. It’s been over a year since the picture was taken, and I thought it was appropriate to post. So here’s the story.

It was my first week at PrimitiveLogic. They threw me right into the fire, and off to Workday Training. Workday was founded by Dave Duffield, former CEO, Chairman, and Founder of PeopleSoft which was acquired by Oracle a few years ago.

Dave's BagelsOne day, as I was crossing the street from my car to the office, I came upon an older gentleman carrying a paper bag.

“Are you Dave Duffield?” I asked.

“Yes, I am.” He responded.

I was stunned. I introduced myself, told him I working for a partner consultant, Primitive Logic, and that I was in the office for Integration Fundamentals training.

We talked as we hopped into the elevator. I asked him what was in the bag, and he said that they were bagels he had found on sale. He had to go a few floors further than me, but as I was stepping off the elevator, he spoke up.

“Here, why don’t you take these bagels to your class?” he said as he offered me some of the bagels from his bag.

“Thanks.” I replied with a bit of hesitation.

As I got off the elevator, it hit me: I was just given bagels by one of the richest people in America. In fact, he’s #347 on the Forbes 400, coming in with just about $1.1 billion.

In any case, the wealth doesn’t seem to have gone to his head. He’s a super down-to-earth kind of guy. And heck, he gave me bagels!

Dave, the pleasure was all mine.

Give up?

Yesterday, I left you a challenge to find me in Liz and Amish’s wedding photos. Give up? Here are two hints. Does that help?

No?  OK.  Here’s some more assistance:

First link. Bottom photo. Left side. Aisle seat. Second from the back. White shirt. Get it?

Second link. Behind Liz. Right. Guy with the yellow tie*. Back. Right. Glasses.  White shirt**. Got it?

Good for you. That’s me!

*Incidentally, the guy with the yellow tie is our friend Tim Choi. He and his fiancee, Edith, were engaged a couple weeks before we were, so they’re next. They’ll be married in September.

**I don’t know about you, but in this picture, it looks like I’m wearing a yellow/gold vest. What do you think?

Wedding Photos: Liz and Amish

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Charlene and I had the privilege of attending the wedding of Liz and Amish. Lucky for us, Lynn didn’t take too long to post these. Maybe it was the long three day weekend. They’re beautiful pictures as always. I like how they also took photos at Stanford, and yet they have a very different flavor than ours did.

I love the ring picture. It would’ve been cool if he had a candle in the background for a fire and ice theme, but I love the picture regardless.

Great job as always, Lynn!

P.S. Do you see yours truly in any of the photos? Obviously, these aren’t my photos, so I’m kinda obscure, but if you look really closely you can see me in two of the pictures.

New Wedding Slideshow

I’m not sure to what we owe the pleasure, but Lynn has posted a new slideshow from our wedding on his blog. Maybe it was an updated slideshow to go with the new blog, or maybe it was just because he had photos of us lying around, or maybe it’s because he wanted to show off his SlideShowPro skills. In either case, it’s a win for us, and a very nice slideshow.

It’s simply amazing to me how a bit of music added to pictures gives such a new dimension to them. It makes them that much more real, tangible, and memorable.

Thanks, Lynn!

More Wedding Photos

We had a second shooter, Derek Tang, at our wedding, courtesy of Lynn and his connections. He’s got a photo blog as well, and he posted a plethora of photos as well. Take a look when you get a chance. He’s got some commentary of the photos as well:–brian–wedding/

Derek came over the morning of our wedding to shoot the guys while Lynn and Joanna were at Amy Cheng’s place with Charlene.  Consequently, Derek got some cool shots of the guys that Lynn didn’t get. I’m glad he was there to capture the moment.

Teaser Photos

Our wedding photographer, Lynn-Kai Chao e-mailed us a few teaser photos while we were on our honeymoon.

These are definitely good pics, and certainly a teaser of what’s to come.  I can’t wait to see the rest of them.


In case you’re wondering these pictures were all taken before the ceremony.  The first two were at Stanford, and the last one was taken near the pool at my cabana.

Updated 5/21/2009: Updated links to Lynn’s new blog.

The Best Job in the World

Australia has just listed a job posting for the “Best Job in The World.”  And I’m inclined to agree with them.  The job description is as follows, and is almost nauseatingly idyllic:

The “island caretaker” will be expected to stroll the white sands, soak up the sun, snorkel the reef, “maybe clean the pool” — and report to a global audience via weekly blogs, photo diaries and video updates.

It pays AU$150,000 which is roughly equivalent to US$105,000.  Heck, I’d love to do that! Unfortunately, the job is only a 6 month stint, and the website where one applies seems to be flooded with traffic.

Maybe my cousin Kevin should apply for this job. Hmm…

Engagement Pictures are In!

Lynn mailed our engagement pictures earlier this week, and we just got them in the mail today. He sent two custom-made DVDs with over 1100 photos on them.  That’s right!  1100 Photos!

Charlene and I spent about an hour tonight looking at all of them. There are definitely a lot of keepers and some quite memorable ones with weird expressions. haha.

Because of the aforementioned restrictions, I won’t be posting all of them on Wongside. I may post a few, but most likely, I’ll put them up on Picasa as a hidden album. If you’d like access, you can e-mail me.