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Update:(September 28) Sorry I haven't worked on my site at all for the past three months. That's what you get when you start a new job and end up working 60+ hours. But it's all good and I'll slowly be updating my page once again. Take care all!

NOTE: It is amazing how much one can learn in a lifetime. Here you will find a vast amount of topics with a diverse range of discussion. If you are of an elite mind, discover and debate truths about life. If you are not, then just enjoy the pictures. As always, I will slowly be adding new parts to different sections as well as add new sections, so keep checking back for cool updates!

Me and family

Here's a little current info about myself: I graduated from the University of Arizona (May 2003). I now work at the new Petland that opened in July. I am an assistant sales manager, where I sell little cute puppies. This job will help my goal of pharmaceutical sales in the years to come. I am still trying to pursue a career in pharmaceutical sales, but it is a prestigious line of sales; therefore a very difficult line of work to get into. I am the oldest and smartest of the four cousins owning this website--therefore the undisputed leader. To sum it all "The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain."

Family: people whom you share the same, similar, or closely related blood and DNA. That may be a more formal definition, but for me, family are those people whom you simply love because you want to. I am blessed with many family members and as I grow a little wiser, I have realized the great importance and value that family should be to you, the individual. Therefore, I am proud to share with you a webpage dedicated to my little cousins...
Even though I did not know my Yeh Yeh, I was given a letter about him after he died that was addressed to my Ying Ying. I guess I put it here so that it will not go lost through the ages of time. Dear Mrs. Fung

Friends: Another aspect of life are the friends that you have. I have learned there are three types of friends that you have in life:
1.) People who enter your life for a short period of time to turn our heads and see in a new direction (perhaps a romantic interest or co-worker).
2.) People who enter your life during a stage of your life and have an impact on who we are(such as friends you had in middle school, high school, etc.).
3.) People who enter your life for a majority of our life who shape us into who we become (these are rare).

Animals & Pets: Ah, my good animal friends. I think it's wonderful to have a pet or as in this day and age an "Animal Companion." If you ever have any questions about pets or nature's animals just ask me and by God's Good Grace, I'll have an answer for you! For I am, The Beast Master! Ah, that's out of date...
Just Click here for: Dr. Kevin Doolittle

� Now you may have seen the cool show on the Discovery channel called Animal Face-Off. Well, we have something more fun. Animal face-off is about animals who in reality have a chance of meeting. But our show pits animals and beasts from around the globe. Come with us to watch the better show Animal Showdown

Books: There's an ancient saying that states:" If you want to improve, be content to be thought of as foolish and stupid ."
One way to greatly improve on any aspect of your life is to read many, many books. Even if they are not academic books, any book can help. Here is a section about books that I have read in the past, including a kids books section!
Click here for The Nikodemian Library

Cars: For those of you who like to drive on a nice set of wheels Click here: The Fast and the Furious

Games: Video games give us a chance to be war heroes, play in fantasy worlds, and dunk basketballs since we can't really do it in real life. Here are some reviews of a few games I've played in the recent past or present. Come check it out, so Insert Game Card Here

Love: The most touchy and emotional of all departments. What is love? I think that even though the world has many different cultures, religions, and points of view, the world all pretty much has the same understanding of what love is. Yet the only thing is, the word love is so hard to define. More songs are written about it and of many things such as faith, hope, wisdom, strength, courage, honor...well, the greatest of these is love. So let's find out, what is love I Corinthians 13

Movies: Take me out to the movies! Here's your chance to read reviews of some of my favorite movies as well as upcoming summer blockbusters!
Click here for The Movie Critic

Quotes: In what is my most creative thing I could think of, I decided to write down some of my favorite quotes in a short story. This is the story of a young man on a journey for wisdom. Along the way he learns and writes down famous quotes. He runs into many characters and if you are an educated person, you will pick up the hints and concepts I leave in this story. I hope you enjoy this for it took me quite a while to develop, create and write
A Story of Quotes

List of My Quotes in word document.

Videos: Home videos of an assortment of random things. I do not have much in this section, for I just bought my new Sony DCR-TRV22 mini dv camcorder. Find out more by going to Kevin Spielberg

Pic of the Month: Man, I'm glad I'm not him! Pic of the Month

Culture: You got to be Chinese! Culture is a very important aspect of who I am. I am blessed to have one since many white Americans really don't know their culture background at all! Find out a little more of what it is like To Be Chinese!

Politics: I guess next to religion, politics is probably the second most reason why people argue and go to war about. I guess that is why people are afraid or think it is improper to ask how a person is registered or how they vote. Hence, I guess because of it being a such a controversial subject, people hide from the public view. Oh well, I let them be. Click here to see how I vote: Democratic-Republican

Theology: There is nothing more important than God in our lives. If we really think about it without God, there is no hope, there is no purpose. So let's look a little closer into God, Jesus, and the Bible

Work: Though I do not have a career job yet, I am working my way to what I ultimately want to do. For now, I work at Petland as a sales lead where I sell cute puppies. This section is simple for now, but will upgrade as I get along with my new job. I will start in July 2004. So come take a look at Where I Work

Troubled Times: Been having a rough time in your life? I know, sometimes things get down on us and we feel lost. If you open the Good Book, stick close to family and friends, you'll get through it. If you read this little poem everyday at night, just before you go to bed, it gives you a little more comfort. Give it a try. It just might help. This is by Anne Stortz from a poster I have in my room. It is About Perseverance

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