Here we have a chance to pit two different kinds of animals against each other and see who would really win. Although some of these animals would never meet up in the wild, it's fun to predict based on what we know for characteristics, of who would really win. If you want to see something like this on TV, watch "Animal Face-off" on the Discovery Channel. It's pretty cool! Okay, let's get ready for an Animal Showdown!!!!!!!!!

Who would win??? For our first match up, we ask, who would win between a polar bear vs. a grizzly bear. For the answer, we ask animal expert Kevin Irwin from the television hit series, "The Alligator Hunter." Let's find out. Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear!

Round 2: For our next match, we go to the land of giants...elephants! The battle between the African elephant and the Asian elephant would finalize the champion on land. Let's follow Kevin Irwin to see the African Elephant vs. Asian Elephant!

King of the Snakes: For our next match, we want to know who is the king of the snakes. There are some big snakes out there, but only two, come close to being at the top. Let's check out the Reticulated Python vs. Green Anaconda!

To the ocean: For our next match we go diving into the open oceans. We wanted to know who rules the deep blue. Let's dive with Kevin Irwin and find out who would win between the Great White Shark vs. Orca!

Tell us what you think would be a good animal showdown and we will consider doing it!

Due to our producers pushing for even higher ratings, we have decided to add a new segment to our animal showdown series.

The New Match!! We are now going to turn to something new. Let's call it adding the human element to our series. Now humans can defeat any individual animal because of our higher intelligence and mainly because of technology. I mean, we humans can take down anything. So to make this segment more interesting, this would be like if it were in caveman days...well, actually earlier, because we don't even give them spears. Let's take a look at our first one of a kind match-up with Andy vs. Hummingbird!

Round 2: That first match was too much for Andy to handle. We needed something slower to give Andy a fair chance. I mean, after all, we don't pit a deer against a mountain lion. So let's go look at Andy vs. Bigfoot!

New Person: Andy didn't have much of a chance, but now we have a new contestant in our animal showdown! Instead of Bigfoot, we went with his cousin. And instead of Andy, we went with his cousin too! Let's check out Jeremy vs. The Abominable Snowman!

Match of the Century: This match-up has our greatest ratings. We're going to take the producer of this show and pit him against the angriest beast of them all! Let's go watch this titantic match of Kevin vs. The Hulk!