Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear!!!

'ello evry one, I'm Kevin Irwin and here we are to decide who would win in a battle between these two beauties! Thanks Kevin Irwin, we'll take it from here. To start off folks, these two bears are the biggest they get from around the world. Grizzly Bears range in size, but we went straight to the source to the Kodiak Grizzly subspecies of bears to get the biggest that come by. Now although it is said both these species of bears can reach a height of 10 feet while standing on their hind legs, it seems that for the most part, polar bears are usually given the advantage of being taller in general. That's why polar bears are usually given the title of largest land carnivore. There is no one particular agreement of the weight range of these two bears, but some scientist have said both can get to be 1,500 lbs or even more for the biggest of bears. So what we will have to do is look at lifestyle to find out just what they are like.

Having particular poorer eyesight for being a predator, the polar bear is a pure carnivore. These bears living in the Arctic have no choice but to eat the array of meat source around them. On the other side of things, the grizzly bear actually eats up to 90% of its diet in plant matter. We only see the bears eat tons of fish when the salmon run is in affect. But do not get me wrong; grizzly bears can chase down elk and caribou if they want and make a major kill with these large prey animals. So as far as hunting skill, the polar bear gets skill points for hunting more often than the grizzly bear. Grizzly's on the other hand have a huge shoulder hump that gives them this tremendous arm strength for swing those paws with force. This is not saying the polar bear is without a swing, but just for looks and possible measurement of strength of a swipe, it looks like the grizzly bear has the upper edge on this aspect.

To end it all, I have my winner for one main reason, though input from biologist and other scientist of animals studies would be great. Because the polar bear has an extremely thick fur and fat storage to keep it warm in the freezing cold, a fight with another bear would get it really pumped up. I think an all out fight with a grizzly would make its body overheat thus, causing it to leave the fight first. This fight is a real close draw and I was going to leave it like that, but no one likes draws; we have to see a winner. So just from the simple, yet vital physical property we have a winner.

And the winner is...The Grizzly Bear!!!