African Elephant vs. Asian Elephant!!!

'ello evryone, this is Steve Irwin...I mean, Kevin Irwin again. Let's take a look at the battle between the giants. WHoo! Ok thanks, Kevin Irwin, we'll take it from here. The biggest land animals on earth are about to duke it out. Now in all reality, these two animals would not ever come face to face, but if they did, well, that's why we're here. These two different species from two different continents actually have many noticeable difference. Let's take a look at the differences.

The African elephant has extremely large ears; much larger than any Asian elephant. Male and females have tusks in the African cousin, while only male Asian elephants have tusks. African elephants have two "finger-tip" ends of their prehensile trunk, while Asian elephants only have one. Now both species can get big, but the African elephant is usually much bigger. Average stats for African elephants are 5.5-7 tons while Asian elephants go 4-6 tons. African's can be 10-13 feet tall at the shoulder while their Asian cousins range 7-12 feet, with females being smaller than males. So if these two were to have an animal showdown, seems the African elephant has the size advantage and that ends the story right? Wrong...

The African elephant is also much more aggresive. Have you ever noticed why the vast majority of circus elephants are Asian elephants? Even Dumbo's mom is an Asian elephant from her ear size. African's are just too aggresive to be tamed easily compared to Asian elephants. After all, in Asia, the elephants there are used for physical labor, but you do not see that in African anywhere. So if these two were to duke it out, the Asian elephant would put up a good and noble fight, but in the end, it wouldn't look good.

So the winner is...The African Elephant!!!