Jeremy vs. The Abominable Snowman!!!

Wow! Whoohoo! Boy, now this is something I'm afraid of! I am not a snow person if you know what I mean mate! Thanks Irwin, we'll take it from here. This match-up is great. The last showdown was great, now we go straight to the cousins of each of our former contestants! Jeremy vs. the Abominable Snowman should make out for a great and unpredictable showdown. So let's jump into the winter scene and find out what's going to happen next!

In this scenario, the Abominable Snowman is searching for food. What that is, we aren't sure for no one has ever caught and studied the Abominable Snowman before. Jeremy has to get out of the cold, but the snowman is in the way. So here's the set-up. Standing at around 5-6 feet, the Abominable Snowman has been sighted to be as big as a bigfoot. Our Abominable Snowman though is much smaller, yet more fierce to make up for his height. At first, this seems no problem. Jeremy would take a few jabs and take off the Abominable Snowman's head off! More punches would make holes into our snowman and eventually Jeremy could get a running start and tackle the snowman to death just like he did in high school football! Looks like no problem folks! Or is it??

Just as Jeremy gets up to walk away, the Abominable Snowman reforms from the new snow everywhere. Just like Terminator 2, the Abominable Snowman cannot be destroyed! Eventually, after multiple smashes to the Abominable Snowman, Jeremy would get just too tired and the Abominable Snowman would push an exhausted Jeremy over with the knockout.

So the winner is...The Abominable Snowman!!!