Kevin vs. The Hulk!!!

Whoo wee! I've never heard of this one mate! Thanks Irwin, we'll take it from here. This is the battle of the century for our animal showdown series. Though the Hulk isn't really an animal, when he turns green and giant, he is definitely a beast and that counts! Our scenario takes place at a nice cafe where Kevin and Dr. Bruce Banner are talking over lunch. Suddenly, Kevin is offended by what Bruce has said. Kevin throws a chair across the cafe in his sudden rage! His face turns red and he bares his teeth. But nothing really happens. Then, out of nowhere, Bruce's shirt begins to rip and he turns green. He starts to shake and becomes the Hulk!

Now we know Kevin is big into honor and glory and no matter how mean Kevin's face becomes, it ultimately does not help him in this battle. Charging for glory and honor, Kevin runs straight on to take on the Hulk. Unfortunately for Kevin, the Hulk takes one swing and Kevin goes flying into the horizon. This was really an epic battle, but ultimately a really short one.

So the winner is...KEVIN!!! Whoops, I mean... THE HULK!!!