Great White Shark vs. The Orca!!!

Whoohoo! I almost got me bum bit off by one of these sharks! Thanks Irwin, we'll take it from here. Now it is time to go to the open waters and find the champion of this domain. We have two well known contenders. There's the great white shark and the orca; also known as the killer whale! Can you guess the outcome of this battle or what? To make it fair, even though orcas live in groups known as pods, this scenario takes place one on one. So here we go! Get on your diving suit if you're not too scared to watch this in the deep blue sea!

No other ocean predator is known better than the great white shark. He is the star of most shark movies and for good reason. He happens to be the apex predator of the ocean. Now average great whites can be found in the 12-16 ft. range with the largest caught being just over 20 feet long and said to have weighed just under 5,000 lbs.! With their massive jaws and razor sharp teeth, they don't come much scarier than this in the water. But just because it is scarier, does it mean it would win against the orca?

Now orca's are mammals, so therefore have a bigger brain and are naturally smarter than fish, such as sharks. Orcas can average anywhere from 25-32 ft with the largest ones being on the right side of the scale. Males are naturally larger than females and are easy to tell the two sexes apart by their dorsal fin. Orca's can weigh in anywhere from 8-12 thousand pounds! Now there is a true apex ocean predator. In fact, other than man, nothing comes close to what orca's can kill. They are smart as well as big, so with all that, this battle is already over. The closest thing on TV that I saw was a orca mother killing a great white, but the great white was only about 12 feet long compared to the mother orca which was double in size. So that wasn't fair, but even then, the largest great white vs. the largest orca would be a one-sided victory. The orca not only has the size advantage by large, but more importantly because of its brains would be the deciding factor.

So our winner is without a doubt...The Orca!!!