Reticulated Python vs. Green Anaconda!!!

By golly! Look at these beauties! Whoohoo! Thanks Irwin, we'll take it from here. This is the battle between the king of the snakes. I mean, people fear snakes no matter if they are even one foot long and harmless. But when we want to see a showdown, we go straight to the giants! We have here two of the world's biggest snakes. It is hard to tell which one of these is the king of snakes, so we'll find out now!

Reticulate pythons are from Southeast Asia. These are big snakes. Now when we're talking big, we mean huge. Reiculated pythons range 10-20 feet in average, yet the largest one was recorded at a immense 33 ft and weighed in well over 300 lbs. Now that is big! Not only are they big, these snakes have been known to have a nasty reputation for biting and believe me, it hurts! Of the big snakes that are kept as pets, this one is definitely for the most advanced snake owners. Can you imagine feeding this guy a pig? Besides that, I've seen these guys on TV and they will not let you get close to them without a strike if they must. Of course it's not their fault, but compared to other snakes, these can be the most aggressive. Now not all pet Reticulated pythons are like this, but you get the point of why you should not just jump to get one of these without years of snake experience first.

Now the anaconda has another story. Living in the waters of South America, the anaconda is actually not as long as Reticulated pythons. The record anaconda was an intense 29 ft., but... it weighed over 500 lbs.!!! That's so much heavier than our python friend. These snakes have the largest girth of snake species. We're talking about being able to double the weight size of a Reticulate python any day. Now both of our contenders are water going snakes, but anacondas really love the water, especially with all that muscle in weight, they would have to swim in water just to save energy from moving around.

So if these two met up in a showdown, it would be one heck of a battle. Both are aggressive snakes, but only one can be the winner. Both have been known to eat humans, but the anaconda just is too thick when it comes to a fight. Thickness also means muscle mass. Think of them as a long strong biceps like Arnold, the governor of California. If you had that wrapped around your head, your eyes would pop out like a cartoon!

So the winner is, the king of snakes: The Green Anaconda!!!