Welcome and Learn Chinese!

My name is Wong Kwong Mein. I am the eldest son of the Wong clan for my generation. Therefore, I am the undisputed leader of this faction and dynasty. The Chinese mafia or "Tongs" can be a very beneficial, yet a deadly ally. Should I join to become part of the Triad, we shall see. For now I am fortunate to be born in America and still be given a Chinese name. I am ever so proud of my Chinese heritage. Learning the Chinese culture, eating its foods, understanding holidays, and much more, have given me a sense of background. One of the saddest things for most Americans, is the have no sense of culture or next to no culture altogether. Shamefully, I was not taught to speak my village dialect and so for the future and in business it would be my goal to speak Mandarian (official language dialect of China and Taiwan). The Chinese culture is the oldest culture still in tact today. Besides inventing gun powder, paper, the compass, numerous medicines, and spaghetti, there has recently been found evidence for the Chinese discovering America before Columbus! Just to learn about the Chinese culture is interesting and exciting, so I invite you to do so! P.S. the "Wong" family name is the Chinese character in the middle of the red pictures.

Chinese Zodiac: We all have seen place mats in a Chinese restaurant that have 12 animals on them. Each animal is suppose to represent a person's characteristics depended on the cordinating year you were born. That's another part of Chinese culture which is celebrated every Chinese New Year comparable to the excitment American's have for Christmas. But here's a new twist, let's look at a new Zodiac which you pick whom you are most like. Click here for Kevin's Version

Here's a version of the original Chinese Zodiac

Even though it is the Year of The Monkey, this little animation clip is pretty cool. Just click on the link and just "open" the file so you don't have to save it. Come and watch the celebrations with: Chinese Dragon

Chinese Singing: Want to hear some Chinese singing? It's actually very beautiful. Here's a radio mix version of "Reflection" from the movie Mulan. It's sung by Kelly Chan and the famous Coco Lee. If you have a slow connection, you may just want to move on. Sing Chinese

Tucson Chinese Community Center: Can you believe this little town will get its very own Chinese Community Center in 2005? Well, we were there at the groundbreaking ceremony to see it all in action. It will have Chinese classes for those who want to learn the language, senior citizen activities (not that my parents will ever go...whoops! are they that old yet? haha!) cooking classes, a covered basketball court, a Chinese garden, and more! Man, this should be awesome come next spring. In the meantime you can check out some photos! Click here!

Chinese Food: Ah yes, to determine how Chinese you are, depends on if you eat Chinese food, how often, and what kinds. Here's a little bit of dim-sum pictures that I have. Dim-Sum