Welcome to Hardcore Chinese Food!

Here is a test to tell if you really are Chinese or just white-washed. Everyone has had Chinese food before. Whether that be the weakest kind as in TV dinners, or semi weak at fast food Chinese like Panda express all the way to Americanized Chinese Cusine, one basic factor is whether or not you like dim-sum. If you do, great! You're Chinese, if you don't, well then you are basically back to being a banana--yellow on the outside, white on the inside. I am classified as a banana, mainly because I do not speak the lanuage, but I'm not that white-washed where I do not embrace my culture, the food, and the people. Here's some pictures of some dim-sum we ate with our Gung Gung and Po Po on May 2, 2004 at China Phoenix restuarant. Oh yeah, if you do not like Chinese Tea, tsk tsk tsk. Tea is also a big factor to how white-washed you are...at least I really enjoy drinking Chinese Tea.

What good looking dim-sum...what's that on the right??

Yes! It is chicken feet...mmm...so good!