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Where would be this generation be without video games? Well, perhaps we would be smarter, but I doubt that since what kind of kid sits and reads all day and never goes outside? Geniuses do, but I have yet to meet a real one. To start off, I do not have a X-box and I never play any of their games. I really only play PS2 games and whatever computer games are really good. But I am not an all out gamer like some people. I do own a Gamecube, but the system has very few games that appeal to me.

My favorite games are ones with great story lines in them. I'm a story line kind of guy. Fun factor is the biggest deal and whether or not you can actually beat the game. I mostly rent my games from Blockbuster, because you can usually beat a game within a week's time and then return it not having to have spent $50 bucks on the game. A few games are really worth buying and when they are that good, I'll get them on sale or usually you can wait until they are not selling very well, and then get them for the discounted price of $20 dollars. Of course it usually takes about 8 months to a year before that happens. For now, let's look at some games that were really good that I've recently rented:

As of May 17, 2004
I just bought this game yesterday at Best Buy because it was on sale for a great price of $20. Once again, if you wait for games to be out on the market, you'll save big bucks. This was $50 dollars about little over a month ago! I was wondering what the heck was up with the immense price drop and found out two things. First, the game dropped to $30 dollars, but was also on sale this week. And the second and main reason was because a sequel to the game was annouced already. It is suppose to come out February 2005, so it makes sense to put it on sale for the late gamers like me and then want to buy the new version when it comes out Great marketing strategy if you ask me. So far, this game is awesome. It's a RPG game on my PC, but isn't corny or anything. I'll get back to you later to let you know how it goes. I only beat the first level so...

As of May 8, 2004:
Yes, this is a fun game for adults meaning exactly what the rating states:Mature. Do not let your kids play this game unless they are at least older like 16 and above. Because I understand the difference between right and wrong as well as what not to take into reality, this game was great. Hitman Contracts allows the player to not have to kill everyone like Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies. You can dress up as a waiter to sneak in some poison instead of out right shooting your target. In other words, this game is fun because if you're not that good or patient, you can shoot everyone up like there is no tomorrow. But if you are skilled and try the more difficult path, you can go by not killing innocents and going straight for your targets if you do things right. The story line is choppy, but it really doesn't matter much because the fun factor of the different levels was really stimulating.

The rating is for Mature audiences only, so no kids once again. Mafia had a great story line about none other than the mafia during the 1930's. This is kind of like Grand Theft Auto in the sense you can drive different cars, but the play is much more controlled and it deters you from going around just stealing cars and shooting anyone; hence why the mafia is organized crime and not just the work of thugs. There is a master mind behind everything and now you get a chance to look on the inside of things. Your name is Tommy Angelo and you start of the game as a lowly taxi driver. Because work is slow or none at all during the Depression, fate as a different twist for you. You work your way up during the mafia into members of your family. Some levels are difficult, but if you stick with them or read hints about them online, you'll enjoy this game a lot. It's story line is enjoyable just as if you were watching a movie. Great fun and levels that are much more intriguing and deeper than just GTA levels. A better game in all this was.

As of March 2004:
Now the best James Bond game ever is still GoldenEye from the N64. That game brought a new world to video gamers such as myself. Since then, James Bond games have been fairly fun adding a new element here and there. However, this new James Bond game, Everything or Nothing, was the best since GoldenEye; not better however. The story line is totally original, we have star actors with the real voices in it like Hedi Klum, Shannon Elizabeth, William Dafoe, and Pierce B. of course. The graphics are great and make the game that much more advanced compared to the older Games Bond games that have come out. I guess I enjoyed the new perspective of a third-person play instead of first-person viewing. I think it gives you a better playing action and a better chance for success. The vehicles in this game were fun too. Some levels were a little hard, but nothing you can't beat, at least on "agent" difficulty.

As of December 2003:
If you like the Simpsons and you liked the game Crazy Taxi, then you'll love this game. It is mainly a driving game, but it involves real Simpson cast members' voices. The story line is comical and there are a good array of different cars that you pick up over the different levels. I actually didn't get the chance to beat this game, so it will be worth renting it maybe even twice if you need to. I remember some of the levels being harder towards the later part of the game, but good drivers and practice will get you to your destiny. Try this especially if you like driving-scenario type games.