Here you have entered the library of Nikodemus. Perhaps not a vast variety , but it grows with age and time. Making things a little more organized, I have books mainly catergorized by appropreiate age group. Yes, that means I have a kids books section as well. Good ole colorful kids books!
Disclaimer: If I were to be stranded on a deserted island and could only choose one book, yes, it would be the Bible. Other Christian topic books will be saved for another web page.

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My favorite book/novel is The Loop , by Nicholas Evans. Probably because the book has its roots or subject matter about wolves, hence my affection for animals, it sparks my interest level of reading. I first read this book in 1999 whom I received it from my parents for a birthday present. Nicholas Evans is one of my favorite authors, but it's sad he has only written three books since 1996, so waiting for the next one sure tests your patience. This book takes place in Montana where wolves have been released for ecological balance and restoration. Of course this conflicts heavily with local ranchers and thus starts the beginning of our story. Yes, there is a love story in it as well.

Nikodemus' rating: For adults or at the least teenagers of ~16 years of age.
Reason: Due to adult themes in book.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini , was a great book for the imagination. This, by telling of the cover is a book categorized as fanatsy because it has dragons, elves, and ogre type creatures in it. I'm not the biggest fan of fantasy type books, but this was pretty good. If you take the Harry Potter books and put them into the realm of the Lord of the Rings you get this book. So the author steals some ideas, but the story and characters are of their own. Besides, Paolini is like some genius because he wrote this when he was like 15 or 16 and graduated just as early. This book is the first of the trilogy which he so far has only written this one. It's about a boy who discovers a dragon egg and he raises the dragon which becomes his friend. He has to learn to use magic and fend off the bad guys. That's all the detail, go read it for yourself. After reading it I sure wish I had a dragon friend.

Nikodemus' rating: Preteens to adults.
Reason: Younger children can't read with the advanced words the author uses
which is all the more reason teens can read it to help boast their vocabulary.

Deception Point by Dan Brown was like a movie in my head. Now if you have not heard the name Dan Brown, then you have probably been in a cave for over a year. His book "The Da Vinci Code" has been the number one seller for over a year! Can you believe that? It's because his book is exciting and very controversial. I enjoyed it, but then I started reading some of his other works he had written before he became famous. This book involves a mysterious new discovery, politcal scandals, NASA, Antartica, and secret intelligence agents. If you like those sort of things, then you should enjoy this book.

Nikodemus' rating: older teens to adults.
Reason: Involving some adult themes, the rest of the book is comparible to
oh, let's say novels of spy like genre.