Welcome To all the girls I've loved before!

I guess you could say we all have certain celebrities who we like for there good looks. Women like Brad Pitt, etc. Men like any woman with blonde hair, etc. Now I can't possible put info on real girls I've liked in my history. That would take up too much space. Haha! So let's just stick to the girls of Hollywood and what not. Here are some of the women from my past and current situation who I always liked at some point in time:
Disclaimer:Kevin is currently working towards a good career and then once he is financially sound will hope that by God's Good Grace, God will send him an angel from above...ok, so a good Christian woman is a start.

Ah yes, my first true love. When I was about, oh...I don't know, 4, 5, or 6 years old, I was becoming a real cartoon addict. Of course my parents limited the amount I could watch, there was still nothing better than the Classic Disney movies. Mainly from the influence of having an older sister, I would play make believe and pretend I was a prince and I was married to the lovely Princess Aurora. As you can tell, in the first picture to the left, I'm the guy wrapping my arm around here. Ah, the days when I was little, cute, and innocent. Whatever happened to those days? I know this by heart... Once Upon a Dream

Back when I was about 14, I was starting to listen to more music. As I did, I soon was like everyone else in the US by buying a Mariah Carey CD. Everyone liked her music then. I used to have a crush on her and even sent a fan letter to her which I am still waiting a response from. It has been 10 years since I sent that and still no word. Hopefully it won't be like Tiffany's fan letter she sent to Tupac. When his fan club responded, he had just died like a couple months before...pretty sad. I liked Mariah more when she would wear more clothing in her apperances. As time went on she wanted to keep audiences and started wearing less and less. I liked her more when she was beautiful and innocent like back in 1994. Oh well, I've moved on. I stopped liking her by the time her music was getting stupid...like 1999 or so? She's too old for me anyways. Ten years is a big gap.

Alright, every guy needs to like some super model in his days. It's only natural man. My favorite super model was Nikki Taylor. I started liking her when I was like 15 and through high school. Sadly, she got into some big, life threatening car crash some years ago and made a super recovery. I think she has become a better person learning from her near death experience. She cheerishes her life and family with a passion, so I am happy for her. I stopped liking her more or less as I was finishing high school. It just got old. Besides, she's like four inches taller than me so that puts her out of my range literally.

While still in high school, the show "Party of 5" was really big. I started watching, probably cause of Tiff, I'm not sure, but I feel in love with the sweet, young girl named Sarah played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is only one year older than me in real life, so it made sense I was going for someone closer in age. I still like her, but I don't really follow her career much anymore. Last I heard, she is in the summer movie Garfield. I'd still like to go on a date with her though, if she's available. Haha!

Back in 1999 there was a battle of the blondes. You were either a Britney Spears fan, Christina Aguilera fan, or both. Though both were followed religiously by the media, I always thought Christina Aguilera was prettier and had a better voice. Nowadays, she has turned to the dark side. How I miss her her more innocent days. Oh well, she's not to be taken as a role model in any way. After she turned to her darker ways, I turned my head.

More recently, I turned my attention to Jessica Alba. She seems like a sweet girl and I watched an interview of her some months ago about her life being brought up in a Christian home. Well, I don't suppose that stuck with her as she found fame, but I hope she still has Jesus in her life. And no, I haven't seen her new movie "Honey" because it's probably not that good. Maybe, just maybe I'll rent it when it comes out on DVD. It already has? Oh, well, maybe I'll rent it when I have a free coupon or something. There's no real hurry for movie that looks kinda weak. Too bad she's dating Mark Walburg or whatever his name is, otherwise I'd ask her out! Haha!

When she first came out in the summer of 2002, Avril Lavigne probably would not have succeeded if she came out with her skater boi single compared to "Complicated." Although I am not into skater music, her music actually isn't that much of it; at least I don't think so. I actually like her music. Her first album has lots of songs on it that anyone young could listen to. Perhaps her attitude right now is "Her vs. the world", I am curious to how she will be like when she grows up. For now, she's got a pretty face and I hope a better inner beauty as well. I still think she's hot. Besides, her new album out in May 2004, she said she broke up with her boyfriend/former band member. Alright Kev, time to learn how to play the guitar and take his place!