Here you have come to a place which I review some of my favorite movies. You can read these reviews just like you would find in your local newspaper, however I will be biased, since these are some of my favorites. So if you have not watched the movie, you may not want to read these extra additions. As I build my library of reviews, this page will slowly get more organized. For future projects on this site, I will do a kids' section where I will review cartoons since I am a kid at heart! If you want more information about running time, actor names, and more great stuff, I really suggest you go to the
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I love many movies and it's hard to say one particular movie as your favorite. Now Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are my favorite movies by far, but since they are considered another realm/world beyond movies, we leave them out of the running. They're basically bigger than movies...especially Star Wars...

My favorite movie of all time is Glory (rated R, 1989). Probably because of the raw, emotional power of this movie, it is listed at the top. This movie stars Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes, and Morgan Freeman. Taking place during the American Civil War, this movie embodies the quintessential theme of the all time great movies--sacrifice. Some movies have sacrifice in different terms such as sacrificing one's own time, money, or even happiness. Glory has all these themes and more. The sacrifice in this movie costs them their lives for a great cause. A cause that is for freedom, equality, the betterment for future generations. Braveheart was great for these things as well, but in Glory, they are fighting because they are treated differently because of the way they look. This movie involves racism that extends deeper than hatred between Brits and Scots. Lose your Scottish accent and the British couldn't tell the difference. It's not the same when you are dealing with the color of your skin. This is something worse, hence strengthing the emotional power of Glory.

When you go off to fight a war, there is hardly any higher sacrifice. This is because you are going off knowing that you will die. That boggles my mind to think that just like the men of the 54th Massachusetts regiment in this movie, were willing to charge into enemy fire with no hope for life except that of glory and honor. If you were standing in their shoes, well knowingly what you were fighting for, I think it would get your thinking about how important their fight was. War is an ugly thing and we should really pray and thank those that are fighting for us. It is something that truly brings out the glory of individuals; something which I strive for. If I had died alongside these men, I believe I would have died in great glory and honor. Remember, no one can ever raise their hand and tell you they've done that before.

The Last Samurai (2003) staring Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe is about the way of life I wish I had lived. During the time period when honor was a way of life is when my soul was born. The samurai never made promises, because their word was the promise itself. This movie was poetic in its dialoge between the two stars in this film. Ken Watanabe was nominated for best supporting actor in this film. He should have won the award because his acting in this film was incredible. This movie is rated "R" just because of the few scenes of violence, but I think it is really not that bad for what it is rated. Though this movie was compared to Dances with Wolves, I enjoyed this film even more. If you want to see a battle action movie with more meaning in it, then this is the one. Should I pick the way I would die, it would be like the end of this movie.

Roman Holiday(1953) staring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn has my favorite actor and actress in the same movie. I guess that just adds another reason why this is one of my favorites. Ah, nothing like a good ole black and white movie. Too bad younger generations cannot appreciate them for the content of the movie and not just the special effects. It is movies like this one which bring a certain type of serenity or peace while watching the film. There's no cussing, nasty violence, sex scenes, or gut-wretching suspence. Just a simple, yet pleasant little love story with a nice touch of humor and comedy. I guess it's because I think this movie is sort of cute in a way. It brings back a certain comfortable feel to it. It's the kind of movie you could watch with Jesus or for that matter, more likely Ned Flanders and not worry about any negative reactions. So with that, you know this movie is fine for everyone.

Now I know there are bigger, heartfelt classic movies like the Jimmy Stewert Classics, which are some of the best ever, but this movie is fun. I often imagined myself being in the shoes of the characters of this film and it brought an innocent excitment to me. And although the story is not a happily ever-after type, that's what brings it to a more relatistic element which you can appreicate.

Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) one of my favorite "quiet" movies. When I mean quiet, I mean no explosions or violence, just good ole acting drama. Even though it is a foreign film all language spoken in Chinese, it is still a well made movie. One main reason is because it is directed by Ang Lee who also did "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" that was a real hit. I think the other real reason I like this movie is because it is Chinese and I am really taking in anything about my culture and ethnic background. I picked up a lot of things of how my own background relates to this movie. For example, there is a lady in this movie is talks too much, is bossy, asks why you're not married, or you're too fat kind of thing. My grandmother and other relatives are a lot like this. It's nothing personal but rather the way they were taught to act. This is a good example of how old school Chinese women are. It helps me understand some background information on the culture as well. A real coolness factor about this movie is the way they show food being made and cooked. There is almost a poetic feel to the food and it is delicately filmed in this movie.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast (1991) contains the magic that other cartoons lack. Maybe it is because this is a Disney classic and considered the rebirth of Disney animation, it is the gifted heavily as best cartoon movie ever made. Now I know every individual has their favorite, which I can truly understand because there are lots of good cartoon movies made by Disney, however this is the only animated movie ever, to even be nominated for best picture by the Academy Awards. There will never be another cartoon nominated for best picture. Now this doesn't mean I have Beauty and the Beast memorabilia hanging in my room, which sadly I don't have a single piece of, but I does have everything a cartoon and even a serious movie should have. And to top it off, it was just well done from all angles. For story line, to character development, animation quality, fun factor, to lessons to be learned, it is a total package.