Without our animal friends, this world would be a lonely place. That's why I have owned just about every kind of animal there is without getting into the exotic lions, tigers, and bears oh my. I mean, people who never owned a pet are just wierd! Don't let me get near one! No, just kidding, but seriously, have you gotten to know someone who hasn't even owned a little goldfish? I tell you, something about them is just not right. I mean, God did put us here on earth to watch out for the animals and give 'em names and all. So anyone who hasn't owned a pet has got to be crazy. We just won't mention those crazy cat ladies who own like 50 cats in a single room house who are just scary...
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First off, My Pets:

Kiska (pronouced Kiss-ka) is my pet Samoyed who is almost 5 years old. Topping the charts at 77 lbs, she's a big girl, especially for her breed. I have always loved the furry, white dogs of the snow since I have had three before. My parents had a pair, Sundance and Nika and I had Talcum when I was a young teenager, but she died at a young age due to cancer. So Kiss has been with me since 1999. Why have a sled dog in the desert? Well, she's allowed indoors, so that makes up for most of it and she has a big backyard to play in. She's often compared as being a dumb blonde, because she's a beautiful dog, but doesn't listen to what I say and is considered dumb for that. Not that her intelligence is really low, but she runs away if I let her out the front door. This is just due to the fact that sled dogs are a little closer related to wolves than other dogs and have a high predatorary instinct. So watch out rabbits, Kiska is the white wolf!

Buffy is my pet Pom-Poo (Pomeranian-Poodle mix) who is 12 years old. She has been a faithful companion on many adventures and been around since I was 12 years old. Though she is getting a little to be like an old lady, she's still got the heart of a dog in her prime. Both Kiska and Buff love to walk and go crazy and loud when they hear the dog leashes being brought out. If you ever want a cute, but obedient dog, a Pom-Poo is a great mixed breed. They are cute like fluffy Pomeranians, but have the awesome obedience of Poodles. Even though she's only 12 lbs, but she's got the fearlessness of a wolverine. She will charge at javelinas and coyotes alike. She is the watch dog of the house. Kiska is just too friendly to be an attack dog.

Fish: I use to have tons of fish tanks...8 going on in this house, but I needed to cut down for the time being. I'll set up another fish tank room when I buy my own house someday. For now, I have a 90 gallon freshwater tank with Garvey (aka Big Head) who is my South American red-tail catfish, my 80 gallon saltwater which has my prize lionfish with a few damsels, a small coral beauty angel, and a few sea stars (starfish), and my 29 gallon saltwater that just has two blue damsels.

In the Past: Not too long ago I owned many different types of animals. I've owned many cool types of fish; too many to list and took care of just about every kind of pet when I worked at Petco during my college years. So to name a few: dogs, a cat, hamsters, dwarf hamsters, rose hair tarantualas, African emperor scorpions, African flower praying mantis, fire-belly toads, albino pacman frog, Sonoran desert tortoises, and have cared for all kinds of birds and parrots, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice, chinchillas, all kinds of lizards like iguanas and chameleons, turtles and tortoises, cool looking snakes, and just about every kind of hobby aquarium fish there is in fresh, brackish, and saltwater.