George W. Bush versus Senator John Kerry.

I try to walk down the centerline, but when it comes down to it, I'm a conservative by heart; a strong right-winged politician. That is mainly because most, if not all Christian values can be found in those political allegiances. I have yet to meet a liberal, left-winged Christian. Even if I did not follow Jesus, I would still probably favor conservative ideology. Therefore, I am registered as a Republican. This does not stop me however, from analyzing candidates from any given party or side. I actually voted for our current governor who is a strong Democrat. Janet Napolitano, I believe, is doing a pretty good job. Arizona's governors of the past have been anything but remarkable.

I was glad Arnold became the governor of California, for I really like the guy. I would like to have Arnold as my governor, but all is well with where he is leading. When it comes to our President, I fully support George W. Bush. He stands for God and thus many Christian views. Not only is this noble in my eyes, but I do believe he stands for many things God would want when it comes to morality in the White House. He even came out with a book I believe is called "The Faith of George W. Bush" that I have seen sold in Christian bookstores. Perhaps I should pick up a copy sometime.

I came to the conclusion that President Bush, is true to his values of trying to do God's work by all his actions. He called for a marriage amendment making marriage only between a man and a woman, he credited plans for financial support for Abstinence awareness programs, he has aided in striking down abortion matters in this country, and on and on. I also figured out that those who do the works of God, will be criticized, persecuted, and bombarded. President Bush has been handed all of those things to the extreme. Remember starting in Matthew 10:34 Jesus said he did not come to bring peace to the world, but a sword. I think President Bush has brought that sword with him against evil.

As far as Senator John Kerry goes, I truly have not done my homework on him. I do know he is as liberal as they come, but that does not mean he would make for a bad president. I just have already made my choice on who I want to vote for this fall election.

Disclaimer: Ralph Nader is running for the presidency, but since Kevin is almost as likely to be voted in as President of the United States the next term, we didn't include him in this section. Officially Kevin actually likes to hear what Ralph Nader has to say.