Welcome To My Page of Theology!

Where to begin...This page has the potential of having as many items as my index page. I think I will at least try to keep it not too cluddered to begin with. As new ideas pop into my head, the more content and complexity this web page will contain. God bless and take care.

Favorite Bible Verse: It easy to say that all of us have a favorite Bible verse or verses. Luckily, the world seems to recognize John 3:16 as the most famous of them all. I have a different take. While it is true, no one verse is the best of them all or is the single most favorite, I do have one that has meaning to me. For as Christians, we must remember it is not about "religion," but of a personal relationship with God. Find out why Mark 14:36 is my favorite verse.

Christian Books: Now although nothing can replace reading the Bible, there are many, many good Christian books out there. I honestly have not read many, but of the ones I have, I can recommend. I urge you to read at least a couple of Christian books a year. In these modern times of knowledge, they are without a doubt, a necessary addition to reading the Bible. I mean, if we were stuck with the King James version as the only writings about God, it honestly be hard for many believers to extend there faith nowadays. I know it would for me. So here's a list of Complement's to The Bible

Prayers: Is there a correct way to pray to God? Well, the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 teaches those who do not know how to pray. But as our relationship with God develops and grows, He wants us to pray on what is on our heart. When should always be thankful, especially for His son, but pray the way you feel. It is a personal relationship God wants with us, not just one of rules. Remember, God does not want a ruler and subject relationship, He wants a relationship like He is our loving Father and we are his children. So check out some of these prayers, maybe you can relate with Prayers to God

My Church: I go to Tucson Community Church with my family at the original westside location. You can visit my church website at www.thecoolchurch.com
Church Songs: Now it would be repetitive to put church songs everyone else is familiar with. That is why I put a few church songs for you to listen to that my church writes and produces. You can also listen to bits of them at my church's website. Click here for TCC Music

Stories: This is one of my favorite sections. Stories are the best way to understand lessons to be learned. After all, this is how Jesus did much of his teachings; all through stories/parables. Check out some of these short stories. They are pretty cool.
The Butterfly
Once Upon a Mountain

Other Writings: Here are some other writings that come of interest. One of them is a eulogy of my great aunt. Just browse here if your interested. If you can't read any of them because of software differences, just let me know and I can fix it up for ya.
Eulogy This is the speech I gave at church for my great Aunt, Constance So.
When I say I'm a Christian...
Living Water