Here are some movies that I thought were really good or great that were not really noticed much by the public eye. These movies may not be the most underrated movies of all time, but if you want to watch a good movie, but there's nothing new to see, check out one of these depending on your mood.

As far as the genre of comedy goes, Bedazzled (rated PG-13, 2000), is one of the most creative movies to have fun while sending a good moral message to the audience as well. Starring Brendan Fraser and Elizabeth Hurley this movie is played out well with the intriguing concept of having a certain number of wishes to come true. This time however, it is the devil who has the power to grant them. What would you do if you could wish for anything in the world?

Need a movie with personal suffering, redemption, and then sweet revenge? Well The Count of Monte Cristo (rated PG-13, 2002), is the perfect movie. Starring James Caviezel, Guy Pearce, Richard Harris, and Dagmara Dominczyk everyone is cast well in this movie. This movie is for people who like the nice, kind underdog raise to become powerful and rich. It's a good action/drama movie without getting crude whatsoever.

Quiet movies can be really good movies. I personally enjoyed The Horse Whisperer (rated PG-13, 2001), starring Robert Redford, Kristin Scott Thomas, Scarlett Johansson, and Sam Neill. This movie deals with a mother and daughter relationship and from a terrible truck accident, involving their horse, a gentle man called a horse whisperer uses the outcome of the accident to bring them closer. It deals with the mother's busy schedule as a successful businesswoman, to the countryside bringing her down to earth. Think of this as a movie you watch late at night and then can still sleep the night away. So movies will keep you up at night, but not this one. I classify this movie as a "peaceful" type with emphasis of the meaning of the characters and their emotional drama. In other words, you really have to read the characters to understand what they are feeling. That makes this movie harmless which some people might think of as boring or slow. Then again, if you're not in the fast lane, check this movie out. I thought it was even better than the book!