Welcome To Kevin DreamWorks Studio!

This is my Sony DCR-TRV22 mini DV camcorder which my videos are made.

Disclaimer: Kevin made these videos on the spur of the moment because he just got his new camcorder a few days prior. Because he is going on vacation, he wanted to put some experimental videos on to see how it all works from camera, to computer to Internet. Laugh only because Kevin laughs at himself even more than you! Sorry A, I'll try to put up old videos when I get back! Meanwhile folks, Enjoy! P.S. Unless you have a television, you might want to watch the movies on a smaller screen size for better quality on pixels and whatnot.

To watch a short video of my pets Click Here! running time 2:36 mins on 6/3/04

Hungry but need some good food? Watch Cooking Mushrooms with Kev running time 9:34 mins on 6/2/04

Want some barbeque sauce? Watch this ridiculous infomercial on Selling with Kev! running time 1:07 mins on 6/3/04

Ready for the NBA finals? Well, get some tips Kobe and Shaq from K Dub in Wanna Be a Baller running time 1:05 mins on 6/3/04

Please, do not do this at home. This is for the professionals. We take you now to see an episode of Cops in Tucson! running time 7:17 mins on 6/2/04
I forgot to turn off the backlight, so scenes into the distance look washed out...besides, it's hard to do this without a cameraman!